Rob Zombie Shoots Four Videos, One Commercial In Furious Weekend

Workaholic Rob Zombie was a directing terror this past weekend, as the dreadlocked frontman was on location in Los Angeles filming no less than four music videos and one commercial for his solo album, "Hellbilly Deluxe."

During the three day shoot, the singer shot clips for "What Lurks on Channel X?," "Meet the Creeper," "How to Make a Monster" and a new version of "Living Dead Girl." All were filmed on a single soundstage with five separate sets rotated in.

The video for "Channel X?" is mainly Zombie's performance shot in front of a blue screen with graphics cascaded in, while the video for "Creeper" was done in a futuristic, quick-cutting style with robot extras. The clip for "How to Make a Monster" was shot to resemble a super 8 home movie, complete with wacky monsters, and the last, a second video for "Living Dead Girl," mimics the look of the 1919 German expressionist film, "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari."

As for the commercial, Zombie says he doesn't expect it to ever

make it to television, since the concept centers around a woman taking her clothes off. He also added that he's subjected himself to such a directorial challenge simply because he's sick of wasting money on multiple shoots for various projects.

In other Zombie news -- this time White Zombie news -- Westerly High School junior Robert Parker was in court last Friday to dispute the decision of Rhode Island school administrators, who sent him home in June and again in September for wearing a White Zombie T-shirt to class.

The American Civil Liberties Union has taken up Parker's case as he defends his first amendment rights, which are limited because of certain restraints the courts have upheld against a student's right to speak or act while on school grounds.

High school administrators at Westerly are currently paying a consultant $45 an hour for 20 hours of work to investigate the now defunct group's music. His findings so far -- that White Zombie music encourages satanic activities.