Rob Zombie Bringing His "World" To Universal Studios

Visitors who swing by Universal Studios in California this fall will get the chance to walk through Rob Zombie's mind... sort of.

The park has hooked up with the nitro-burning horror schlock rocker to stage "The Thrilling, Chilling World Of Rob Zombie," a maze that will be part of this year's "Halloween Horror Nights III." Zombie himself came up with the concept for the attraction and designed the maze, which launches on October 15 and stays open through the end of the month. The attraction will draw heavily from Zombie's multi-platinum album "Hellbilly Deluxe" and will feature remixes of familiar Zombie tracks that will soon turn up on an as-yet-untitled Zombie remix album.

The park promises that visitors will enter the maze through a giant model of Zombie's head, and will then begin their trek through a tunnel that spirals into his brain. Once inside, guests will be led through sites such as the Demonoid Phenomenon Room (which promises a visit to a "living hell"), the Channel

X Room (occupied by sinister robots and their hapless victims), and the Zombie Graves (where the dead wait to dine on the flesh of the living). Along the way, visitors will also encounter chills courtesy of such Zombie lyrical creations as "The Creeper," "Superbeast," and "Living Dead Girl," all while Zombie's music is pumped throughout the maze.

The attraction will only be staged at Universal Studios Hollywood in California.

If you'd rather take in Zombie's music in a somewhat less creepy setting, you'll be glad to note that he is expected to release a remix album in November.