Rob Zombie Adds "Indie Screams Weekend" To Busy Halloween Season

It's no surprise that Halloween is Rob Zombie's busiest time of year.

With a remix album on the way and his "The Thrilling, Chilling World Of Rob Zombie" up and running at California's Universal Studios, Zombie has now also signed on to host the Independent Film Channel's second annual "Indie Screams Weekend."

Slated for Halloween weekend (October 29-31), the programming stunt will find Zombie presiding over three days' worth of independent horror nuggets such as the Peter Jackson zombie gem "Dead Alive."

Zombie will also roll out 1995's "Haunted" (starring Aidan Quinn), 1994's "Mute Witness" (featuring Sir Alec Guinness), 1994's "Cemetery Man" (starring Rupert Everett), 1997's "Funny Games" (from Australian director Michael Haneke), 1995's "The Addiction" (starring Lily Taylor and directed by Abel Ferrara), "Habit" (an IFC premiere from Larry Fessenden), and 1994's "Nadja" (starring Martin Donovan and Peter Fonda).

If you prefer Zombie the rocker to Zombie the cable

TV host, you'll be pleased to note that next week sees the arrival of "American Made Music To Strip By" on October 26. The collection features tracks from Zombie's 1998 album "Hellbilly Deluxe" remixed by Rammstein, Limp Bizkit's DJ Lethal, God Lives Underwater, Nine Inch Nails' keyboardist-drummer Charlie Clouser, and onetime NIN drummer Chris Vrenna, among others.