Courtney Love Joins Michael Stipe, Rob Zombie For "Moon" Premiere; Hole Video Debuts Online

Courtney Love of Hole is gearing up for a big Christmas week that will include the release of her new feature film, "Man On The Moon," as well as the debut of Hole's new video for "Be A Man."

On Monday night, Love will attend the West Coast premiere of "Man on the Moon," being staged at Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California, along with the film's stars, Jim Carrey and Danny DeVito, and director Milos Forman.

Others expected to attend the screening, also a benefit for Comic Relief and the Artists Rights Foundation, include Michael Stipe and Mike Mills of R.E.M., as well as Rob Zombie.

Love's band, Hole, will then take to the Web on December 21 to premiere the video for "Be A Man," the group's contribution to the soundtrack to "Any Given Sunday," the new Oliver Stone football flick.

As we previously reported (see "Hole, L.L. Cool J Shoot Videos For 'Any Given Sunday'"), the clip for "Be A Man" features

a blue-haired Love cavorting around the gridiron and interacting with various members of the Sharks, the team featured in the film.

Plans currently call for the "Be A Man" video to first be shown at the same band-endorsed fan site that made an MP3 file of the song available for download earlier this month.

That same site has also posted some rather revealing photos of Courtney taken during the shoot, although the topless shots aren't expected to be included in the final version of the video, scheduled to debut on MTV on December 24.

Both "Man On The Moon" and "Any Given Sunday" open on screens nationwide on December 22, while the soundtrack to "Any Given Sunday," featuring Hole, L.L. Cool J, Kid Rock, Outkast and DMX, is due out on January 4.

-- David Basham