Mark E. Smith Of The Fall Answers Assault Charges In Court

Mark E. Smith, leader of the veteran British post-punk band the Fall was in a Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday to answer a misdemeanor charge of assaulting his girlfriend, Julia Nagle, who also plays keyboards in the latest line-up of the group.

Smith was ordered to go back to England, get counseling, enroll in an alcohol- treatment program and send back monthly reports to the court, where he's due for a follow-up court appearance on September 30. The judge also granted Nagle a limited order of protection against Smith, which would still allow them to perform and record together.

As we previously reported (see "Fall Singer Due In Court To Face Assault Charge"), the singer allegedly assaulted Nagle last Wednesday, the day the Fall were due to play a tour-ending show in New York City, a concert which was subsequently canceled.