Faith No Fantomas: Patton To Unveil New Group

Former Faith No More vocalist Mike Patton will be introducing his new band, Fantomas, in San Francisco this Thursday.

The Fantomas are Patton, his longtime Mr. Bungle bandmate Trevor Dunn on bass; the Melvins' Buzz Osborne on guitar and ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo.

Patton told the San Francisco Chronicle that he's only barely met some of his new mates and that it will be sink or swim -- the band will have just five days of rehearsals. It will either be fresh and good, says Patton, or it will blow up in their faces. The band is named after a chaotic character from a turn-of-the-century French crime novel series.

Like Mr. Bungle, a long-lived Patton sideproject in place before he joined Faith No More, Fantomas will not have traditional lyrics. But while the band's sound, Patton tells the Chronicle, won't be the Mr. Bungle-like avante garde cacophony and off the wall costuming, it will include "comic-book sounds and baby talk.''

The group won't be

a full-time project for the members, given their individual schedules, but Patton says that he hopes to record with Fantomas in the fall. Their label status is still up in the air, however. Faith No More broke up without fulfilling their obligations to Warner Bros., which may or may not affect the new group. Patton declined to comment on the issue in the interview.

Following their debut in San Francisco, the band heads to New York City for showcase dates July 1 and 2 at the Knitting Factory.