News Flash: Producer Bruce Fairbairn Dead At 49

Veteran producer Bruce Fairbairn, who worked with such notable bands as Aerosmith, Van Halen, AC/DC, Kiss, the Cranberries, and INXS among many others, was found dead at his home in Vancouver yesterday of unknown causes. He was 49.

Fairbairn had been expected at an afternoon recording session with '70s art rockers Yes at his Armoury Studios and uncharacteristically failed to show up. Studio manager Sheryl Preston drove to his home and discovered his body on the floor of his bedroom. There were no apparent signs of injury or trauma.

Fairbairn began his career as a horn player in the Canadian band Prism and went on to produce that band, as well as local favorites Loverboy, before going on to record such artists as Krokus and Blue Oyster Cult. He was often assisted by Bob Rock, who later established his own career as a rock producer. In 1986, Fairbairn produced Bon Jovi's breakthough album "Slippery When Wet," which set him on a course as one of the most successful producers of

the era.

He recently completed an album with the horn-laden Atomic Fireballs, which Fairbairn said took him back to his "brass roots."

The current sessions for Yes (who were in the midst of mixing a new album) will continue after a brief break, with the bandmembers taking over the controls.