Face To Face Lets Fans Vote On Track Listing

The So Cal punks of Face To Face will soon be amassing songs for their new album, and the band is looking to fans for help in selecting the track listing.

The group has struck up a partnership with MP3.com that will see Face To Face post potential new tracks online, allowing fans to download them and rate them. Face To Face will post new songs every couple days on the site, and the twelve that receive the most positive user feedback will fill "Reactionary."

Users will also be able to check out video footage from the studio and talk to other fans about the songs in message boards and chat rooms.

"First and foremost, we want to know what our fans think," vocalist/guitarist Trever Keith said in a statement announcing the union. "We want them to decide on the album they want to hear. We'll post songs which vary somewhat in terms of tempos and structure... it will be really interesting to hear how the tone of the overall album turns out because it could go a number of

ways. It's entirely conceivable that the band's favorite songs won't even end up on the record... but that's democracy."

"Reactionary" is expected to hit stores in June courtesy of the band's Lady Luck Records (distributed through Beyond Music).