House Of Pain's Everlast Hospitalized After Cardiac Arrest

Twenty-seven-year-old Erik Schrody, better known as Everlast of the hip-hop outfit House Of Pain, is in intensive care at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles after suffering a massive cardiac arrest on Wednesday.

Everlast had been diagnosed with a congenital heart valve problem some time ago, and on Tuesday, while working in a studio on his first solo album, he started complaining about chest pains. The next day, Wednesday, while waiting in the emergency room, the rapper suffered cardiac arrest.

He immediately underwent five hours of bypass surgery and was given an artificial valve.

House Of Pain's most recent album was the 1996 effort "Rise Again," but of course the act is best known for its 1991 hit "Jump Around."

Everlast also recently contributed dialogue to Prince Paul's concept album called "Prince Among Thieves" which comes out in June. The soundtrack will also feature Kool Keith, Biz Markee, Chub Rock, Chris Rock, Big Daddy Kane, and De La Soul.