Everlast Shoots New Video, Records With Nine Inch Nails

Before heading out on a U.S. tour with Sugar Ray in February, former House of Pain frontman Everlast is to shoot a video for his second single, "Ends," the follow-up to his Beck-ian breakthrough, "What It's Like."

Also apparently in the works is an Everlast/Nine Inch Nails collaboration, which actually grew out of a session in November during which Everlast laid down some vocals with the Nails' Danny Lohner in the group's New Orleans studio. However, a spokesperson for Nine Inch Nails had no comment on whether Everlast's work would turn up on the new NIN record or some undetermined, unannounced future project.

As for the Nails, the Trent Reznor-fronted act is currently working on its heavily-veiled new album due this year, on which former helmet frontman Page Hamilton has already contributed (see "Former Helmet Guitarist Provides Update On New Nine Inch Nails Record"). Meanwhile, the Everlast/Sugar Ray joint tour dates are expected

to be announced by mid-January.