The Offspring Talks About Mixing It Up As Show With Everlast, Silverchair Looms

The Offspring, a band seemingly married to the road, will roll their merry punk rock caravan into Snoqualmie, Washington Saturday to play a share the stage with Everlast, Silverchair, Zebrahead, and the Living End.

The bands will take part in "Board This!," a snowboarding and music event sponsored by radio station KNDD.

The Offspring have been getting quite familiar with the road lately, beating the pavement in support of their latest effort, "Americana." Its apparently been paying off as the album has remained firmly lodged in the top ten since its release late last year.

Also fueling that fire is the band's second single from the album, "Why Don't You Get A Job," which sees the band continuing to pile eclectic sounds onto their punk roots.

"Probably people think that bands have this grand design going into the studio, this blueprint, and they know exactly what’s gonna happen and it really doesn’t work that way," Offspring

frontman Dexter Holland told MTV News while the band as in Las Vegas at a BMX bike jump competition. "You get in there and you say, 'Well, what do we need to do? How do I d*** with this song to make it come out right?' Or something."

After some discussion with guitarist Noodles about whether or not you can say "d***" in TV (you can't), Dexter continued, "And so you do, and sometimes, you know, it’s a cowbell or somethin’ wild or a sample or maybe it’s somethin’ else. I don’t think it was really premeditated. It kind of just worked out." [28.8 RealVideo]

You can see how well it worked out on what's left of the band's U.S. tour. After this run of shows, the band will head to Australia to headline a string of shows there:

  • 3/27 - Snoqualmie, WA @ Summit
  • 3/28 - Salem, OR @ Salem Armory
  • 3/30 - San Jose, CA @ Event Center Arena
  • 3/31 - Sacramento, CA @ Memorial Auditorium

  • 4/2 - Universal City, CA @ Universal Amphitheatre
  • 4/3 - Universal City, CA @ Universal Amphitheatre
  • 4/4 - San Diego, CA @ Cox Arena
  • 4/6 - Phoenix, AZ @ Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavilion
  • 4/8 - San Antonio, TX @ Sunken Garden Amph.
  • 4/9 - Austin, TX @ Austin Music Hall
  • 4/10 - Houston, TX @ Bayou Place Theatre
  • 4/12 - Kansas City, KS @ Memorial Hall
  • 4/13 - Milwaukee, WI @ Rave
  • 4/14 - Chicago, IL @ UIC Pavilion