Patriots Dive Into Trouble At Everclear Show

November 18 [10:00 EDT] --Three members of the New England Patriots reportedly got a little carried away at Thursday night's Everclear show in Boston and tried their hand at stage diving, leaving one female fan hospitalized with various injuries.

The Associated Press, the "Boston Globe," and numerous other outlets report that Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe, offensive lineman Max Lane, and backup quarterback Scott Zolak were invited on stage by the band, and then leapt back into the crowd. Lane, who stands 6' 6" tall and weighs in at 305 lbs., was reportedly the one who caused the woman's injuries, doing damage to her neck, shoulder, and arms. The woman is reportedly in stable condition at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Boston.

"Drew went to a concert and, following the custom of his generation, he jumped into the crowd," Bledsoe's agent Leigh Steinberg told the AP. "I don't think it's something you'll see again soon."

Bledsoe took his case to the radio airwaves, reportedly

offering an apology for the incident.

The team is reportedly investigating the incident.

The Patriots seemed less aggressive when they took the field on Sunday in a 27-7 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.