Patriots Will Not Face Charges In Everclear Stagediving Incident

November 20 [14:00 EDT] -- It looks like the three NFL players whose stagediving hijinks at an Everclear show last week sent one fan to the hospital will not face criminal charges.

The Associated Press reports that 203 lb. starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe, 235 lb. back up quarterback Scott Zolak, and 305 lb. offensive lineman Max Lane will not be charged by police in the incident.

As we first reported earlier this week, the three men took to the stage near the end of the band's set at Boston's Paradise nightclub, and leapt into the crowd. Initial reports were that Lane landed on 23-year-old Tameeka Messier, sending her to the hospital with injuries to her neck, shoulders, and arms.

The focus of the investigation now reportedly falls on the Paradise, which could have its license suspended if it is found that the club was responsible for Messier's injuries. Messier reportedly underwent surgery earlier this week, at

which time two discs in her neck were replaced by a bone fragment from her hip.

Initially, the players said they were invited onstage by the band, but Everclear frontman Art Alexakis recently issued a statement saying that the band did not invite the players to take the stage, and that the band stopped the show immediately after the incident.

Earlier this week, Bledsoe reportedly issued an apology for any "embarrassment" the incident may have caused to his team, but not for any injuries it may have caused.

Bledsoe also reportedly said that the incident was in no way a factor in the drubbing his team received at the hands of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers three days after the Everclear show.