Everclear Settles Lawsuit With Fan Injured At Boston Show

The fan who sued Everclear, two members of the New England Patriots, and a Boston nightclub after being injured at an Everclear concert on November 13, 1997, has now settled out of court for $1.25 million.

According to "The Boston Globe," Patriots lineman Max Lane and quarterback Drew Bledsoe will each pay $500,000, while Everclear and the Paradise club will each pony up $125,000 to Tameeka Messier, who originally filed the lawsuit back in December 1997 (see "Everclear, Patriots Named In Stage Diving Lawsuit").

In the suit, Messier claimed that the Portland, Oregon, band had encouraged the two Patriots to stage dive during its set, and contended that she was seriously injured as a result of Lane and Bledsoe bounding into the crowd. Messier eventually had surgery on her neck and spinal column to treat various injuries.

The members of Everclear won't have to empty out their savings accounts to pay the settlement, however, as its

tour insurance policy will help defray the costs -- although the trio will still have to deal with its lawyer's fees.

"The band feels bad that someone was hurt at one of its shows," explained Darren Lewis, Everclear's manager, "and in the end they didn't feel like they had done anything wrong. We're just relieved that the band won't have to be shuffling back and forth, dealing with a long trial."

"I'm just glad to have that settled and not hanging over our heads any more," Bledsoe told the Associated Press. "Obviously it was a tough situation for everybody involved, and I'm just glad to have it resolved."

As for Everclear, the group has just finished headlining this year's edition of Sno-Core, and plans to kick-off its own summer tour on June 9 in Detroit.