Eve 6 On The Strange Thrill Of Recognition

L.A. trio Eve 6 are riding high in the alternative charts with its new single, "Inside Out," but being unused to such success, the band has found the attention a little strange, though thrilling.

"We show up in Birmingham, Alabama," described 6 bassist Tony Fagenson to the MTV Radio Network, "and 800 people are there singing 'Inside Out.' [800k QuickTime] And it's like the strangest thing. You think back to the rehearsal where we worked that song out, where we were originally thinking to put that part here and to sing it like this. Now that we're doing the song that way and people know it, it messes with your mind."

Eve 6 have been tapped to open a series of dates for Third Eye Blind starting in Binghamton, New York on June 25 (see "Third Eye Blind Sets Tour").