Third Eye Blind, Eve 6 Trade Pranks On Campus Invasion Tour

Third Eye Blind and Eve 6 are currently on the road together as part of MTV's Campus Invasion Tour, and it looks like the road has brought out the merry pranksters in both groups.

At a concert stop last week in Auburn, Alabama, an inebriated Eve 6 frontman Max Collins stole a bowl of candy from the front desk of the hotel the groups were staying in, and blamed it on his fellow tourmates, telling the staff, "I can do anything I want because I'm in Third Eye Blind."

Collins later returned the bowl, but the next night Third Eye Blind conspired with a local police officer to approach and arrest Collins after Eve 6's set, claiming that the hotel wanted to press charges against him. When a handcuffed Collins spotted 3EB singer Stephan Jenkins backstage with a video camera, he started to wonder what was up.

"I noticed Stephan Jenkins is hanging out with a camera," Collins told the MTV Radio Network, "and

then I kinda peer around the halls as we're moving out, and there's every single person on the crew, everyone in Third Eye Blind, Bobby -- their tour manager, taking photos, pointing, laughing. The whole bit ..."

"Clapping," added guitarist Jon Siebels.

"It was completely set up," continued Collins, "completely set up. And all three of us bought it."

"I didn't know," Siebels said.

"We had no idea," Collins admitted.

"And our tour manager," drummer Tony Fagenson related, "who does our front of house sound at the mixing desk, he comes running up 'cause he's only heard that, 'Max has just been arrested.' So he comes bolting up, going, 'What happened?'"

"I've never seen him so frightened," Collins said, "because that's like a tour manager's worst nightmare."

"So, we're gonna get you back Third Eye Blind," Fagenson said in a warning, "just you watch out." [28.8 RealAudio]

Third Eye Blind and Eve 6 will continue having fun on the road at the other band's expense when the Campus Invasion tour plays Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York on Tuesday.