LEN Replacing Eve 6 On Canadian Edgefest

Buzzworthy band LEN will be replacing Eve 6 on the Canadian Edgefest tour in July and headlining the festival's second stage.

As we reported on Monday, Eve 6 dropped off of Edgefest due to illness (see "Eve 6 Cancels Tour Plans").

The fast-rising LEN is a logical choice for the outing: the group is Canadian, and they're riding on a hit single and video, "Steal My Sunshine," [RealVideo] from their debut album, "You Can't Stop the Bum Rush."

LEN is fronted by the Burger Pimp and his sister Sharon, and it also includes D. Rock, Planet Pea (a.k.a. Kudu5), DJ Moves, and the Drunkness Monster. The group's music is best described as "beat-based pop," and its debut album was mixed by Dust Brother John King.

On the downside, the Edgefest tour confirmation means that LEN won't be able to play the X Games in San Francisco on July 2 as scheduled. A management spokesperson for

the band told MTV News that the group was very reluctant to cancel the performance, but the lure of the national festival was too great to ignore.

Edgefest is the top festival tour in LEN's native country. The tour kicks off in Barrie, Ontario, just outside of Toronto, on July 1 and continues across Canada, wrapping up in Vancouver, July 14. The festival roster includes Hole, Silverchair, Big Wreck, and many others.