Eve Says New LP Will Be "More Musical"

Sonicnet Music News

Rapper Eve, the tough femme fatale of the Ruff Ryders, is busy wrapping up work on her second album, "Scorpion."

"My album is gonna be a little more musical [than my debut LP]," Eve recently said, adding that "Scorpion" would also be "a little more grown up. My thing is that I like music as a whole, not just hip-hop. I'm an artist; I'm not just a rapper."

The rapper was tight-lipped on details about the project, which is due December 5. She said some Ruff Ryders, Nokio of Dru Hill, and producer Rockwilder would make contributions to the album. The album's first single has not yet been decided.

Eve became a big name when her 1999 album, "Let There Be Eve... Ruff Ryders' First Lady," became the first debut LP by a female rapper to enter the "Billboard" 200 albums chart at number one (see "Eve Talks About Being Number One").

Since then the Philadelphia native

has made guest appearances on several projects, most recently with Jadakiss of the LOX on "Got It All" from the Ruff Ryders' compilation "Ryde Or Die Vol. 2."

She said she had matured a great deal since her first album and had learned what type of effect her songs had on fans.

"I didn't know the impact 'Love Is Blind' was gonna have," Eve said, referring to a song on her debut album in which she raps about helping a friend who is a victim of domestic violence.

"I wrote that just to get it off my chest and for my friend," she said. "When that song came out, a lot of women came up to me and said, 'That song helped me a lot,' or 'My friend is going through it.' I was like, wow. Now I really understand it."