EPMD Sets Closing Time For Farewell Disc

After 11 years and one previous break-up and reconciliation, the veteran rap duo EPMD has set a May 18 release date for "Out of Business," an album that Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith are referring to as the group's "farewell album."

The record will be packaged as a double-album collection with 10 new songs from EPMD, while the second disc will contain such classics as "It's My Thing," "You Gots to Chill" and "So Whatcha Sayin'."

Sermon and Smith have called it quits once before, disbanding EMPD in early 1993 following the release of the duo's fourth album, "Business Never Personal." The rappers then went on to develop solo careers with subsequent albums, but reformed in 1997 with a new record, "Back in Business."

"The new stuff is for the year 2000," Smith told the MTV Radio Network about the new disc. "You know, with 'Back in Business' we just had to go back in there with the new generation, do some shows. Went overseas, sold everything out there. Now we just want to record

a dope [final] L.P."

"Check one, Two..," the first single from "Out of Business," is due out in late March.