EPMD To Be Joined By Redman, Method Man At Special NYC Show

Having done a second take on its decision to retire from music, the rap duo EPMD plan to stage a special show at Tramp's in New York City on June 28 to help celebrate the completion of its new album, "Out of Business," which arrives in stores next month.

For the gig, EPMD's Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith will be joined by some of its friends and guests that turn up on the new record, including Redman, Method Man, Lady Luck, Naughty by Nature's Treach, Pepa, and Raekwon.

According to the group's reps, EPMD is still hammering out the logistics for a tour later this year, and as the duo told the MTV Radio Network, EPMD thinks it takes "true artists" to take the energy and dynamics of a slickly-produced record and transfer it into a live setting.

"As far as the stage goes," Sermon said, "I [have] that rhyme that says, 'You get by on record, but you're whack on stage. So I'm blowing you up, throwing

the hand grenades.' Everybody can get dope [in a studio]. The mic can make you sound incredible. All day long. But go out there and perform that and make the crowd get with you live."

"Live with no lip sync," Smith added, "and sound like your album."

"And do that," Sermon continued, "and then you can come and tell me if you're a true artist or not." [RealVideo]

EPMD's "Out of Business" will be released on July 20.