En Vogue Discusses Life As A Trio

July 3 [7:55 EDT] -- The sleek vocal group En Vogue is back after a four-year hiatus, and is trying to get used to working as a trio after Dawn Robinson left the group earlier this year.

"It takes some adjusting," EV's Terry Ellis told MTV News.

"We've been working really, really hard. Aesthetically, obviously, there's three people. Vocally, we got with a vocal coach to rearrange our harmonies, and we worked really hard at it. And we think we got it."

The work may have paid off, as the group's latest effort, "EV3," entered the "Billboard" album chart at number eight after its first week in stores. While the band is doing well on the charts, and all parties say the split was amicable, the remaining members of En Vogue still felt a sense of sadness at Robinson's departure.

"We were very sorry to see her go, but we understood," Maxine Jones said. "She's doing a solo project right now.

She's very excited about it and we wish her the best." [1MB QuickTime]

En Vogue will showcase its new, pared-down line-up with a U.S. tour this fall, by which time the Robinson's solo album (produced by Dr. Dre) may be in the racks, too.