Eminem Extols The Virtues Of A Good Education

Education is a powerful tool... just ask Eminem.

The controversial rapper may not seem like a poster child for school, but when MTV News' Kurt Loder caught up with him in his hometown of Detroit, the rapper revealed that his school days left him with a few essential skills.

"When I did my 'Infinite' album in '96, well actually I recorded it in '95, when I had did that, I knew that I had a way to put words together but I didn't know, I wasn't exactly sure where to go with it," Eminem told MTV News. "I just knew, like, how to put big words together and just rhyme 'em, you know. I always had a good vocabulary, you know... I got something out of school."

Eminem is currently in Europe, but he'll return to the States with a homecoming rave in Detroit on April 3. The rapper will follow that up with a U.S. tour from April 7 to May 23 with the Beatnuts and Mixmaster Mike opening up.

You can see much more from Kurt's conversation with Eminem, including his answers to some tough questions about the lyrical content of his music, on this weekend's "MTV News 1515," Friday at 7:30 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 a.m. You can also catch much more of that conversation in an MTV News Online feature that will pop up right here on Thursday.