Eminem Revs Up Tour, Chats Up Dre's "Chronic 2000"

Eminem keeps getting busier and busier. Having put on a low-profile warm-up show in his hometown of Detroit this past weekend, he's now officially launched his first headlining tour.

The tour kicked off last night at Chicago's House of Blues and is scheduled to continue late into May (see "Eminem Shakes Off Critics As Tour Comes Into Focus").

The rapper has also finished shooting a video for his next single, "Role Model," and he's also contributed a guest appearance to label boss Dr. Dre's upcoming "Chronic 2000" album. He slowed down long enough to reveal his feelings about the project to MTV News' Kurt Loder last month.

"It's amazing," said Eminem. "I'm just gonna sit back... and watch it, because anybody who had doubts about Dre or was, you know, wondering if he fell off, or whatever, is just going to get hit in the head. I'm telling

you, it's going to be so unsuspecting, just because, you know, people think that it's just been a dry spell for Dre and he's just washed up, he did all he could do. That's not even true...."

The artist formerly known as Marshall Mathers will play Cleveland on Thursday with opening acts the Beatnuts and Mixmaster Mike.