Eminem To Get "Angrier" For New Album, Will Finish LP Before European Tour

Eminem took home honors as the Best New Artist for "My Name Is" during last week's MTV Video Music Awards, and the rapper says he's already knee-deep into production of his next album.

Eminem told MTV News that he's completed six tracks for the new record, which he apparently plans to complete in the next month before returning to Europe in late October for a three-week tour.

While details about the follow-up to "Slim Shady" (including guest appearances and a tentative release date) remain up in the air, Eminem said that producer Dr. Dre has been even more involved with the new album, which Em predicts will be even more extreme than "Slim Shady."

"I would say if anything, it's a little more angrier, if that makes sense," Eminem said of the new album. "'Cause now that I've got money or whatever, it still doesn't mean that I can't be mad. I would say it's going in the direction

of just backlashing critics and people who criticize me for my lyrics and the subjects that I rap about, but they don't live my life."

"So it's kind of going in that direction,"
he continued, "and it's a little more left field than ['Slim Shady']. I think I'm taking it a little bit farther than I took it with this [current] album." [RealVideo]

"Dre, so far, has been a lot more involved with this new album," Eminem said, "and he's got a lot more tracks on this album as opposed to the three he did on ['Slim Shady']. But it's pretty much the same team, and if Dre is not doing my stuff, then I'll work with my own production company."

"I like to do beats myself,"
he said,


I produce a lot. What people don't know is that 70 percent of the album that's out now, I produced. [I did the] bass lines, and wrote the music for it." [RealVideo]

Eminem will play a special show with Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg at the Pic-A-Chic Theater in Bloomington, Indiana on September 18, then is scheduled to travel to Amsterdam on October 21 to kick-off the European dates.