Eminem Talks Movie Plans

He may be busy with touring, court dates, and watching his record sales go through the roof, but Eminem still has time to map out his film plans.

The Detroit rapper is, of course, making the rounds on Dr. Dre's "Up In Smoke" tour, and he's also putting together plans to shoot a movie loosely based his own mercurial life next year.

"Everything that happens in the movie didn't necessarily happen to me," Em recently explained to MTV News of the fictional character at the center of the film. "There are also going to be some things that did happen to me that aren't going to be in the movie. We're leaving the mystique, I guess."

While the Eminem flick is still in development, plenty of other rap stars are expected to turn up in cameos.

The film isn't expected to turn up anytime soon, but Em, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and the rest of the "Up In Smoke" tour hits

the Baltimore Arena on Thursday.