Eminem Files For Divorce

It appears that Eminem's very public and often volatile relationship with his wife, Kimberly Mathers, is over.

Eminem's record label, Interscope Records, confirmed to MTV News on Wednesday that the rapper (real name Marshall Mathers) filed for divorce from his wife on Wednesday morning in Detroit.

"The two have had an on-again, off-again relationship that's been extensively detailed in the press," Interscope said. "In early June, the couple separated, and since then Eminem has come to the decision that a divorce is unavoidable."

The two have been a couple for years, and even had a child together, but did not marry until last summer.

Most recently, the couple's relationship made headlines when Kim attempted suicide at their home in Sterling Heights, Michigan, in July (see "UPDATE: Eminem's Wife Attempts Suicide At Couple's Home"). One month earlier, Em allegedly got into an argument with his wife

outside a bar in Warren, Michigan, after he saw her kiss another man (see "UPDATE: Eminem Arrested In Michigan Bar Brawl"). Kim later addressed the incident in a letter to the "Detroit Free-Press," stating that "just because my husband is an entertainer, that does not mean our personal business is for everyone's entertainment purposes" (see "Eminem's Wife Pens Explanatory 'Letter To Editor'").

While the relationship has fueled headlines, it has also driven Em's music. The rapper's "97' Bonnie & Clyde" from his "The Slim Shady LP" fantasized about disposing of her body after slitting her throat, and his song "Kim" from "The Marshall Mathers LP" imagines an argument between the two that leads to her murder.

More recently, Em had been pulling an inflatable doll onstage during his "Up In Smoke" performances, introducing it as "Kim" and kicking it around the stage. Em also brought

in actors to play Kim and their child in his latest video, "The Way I Am."