Readers Respond To Eminem News

I thought I'd grown immune to his antics, but to read that what he's doing on stage now makes me sick -- a real crowd-pleaser, I'm sure, but not at all the actions of a decent human being. Kicking around a doll and pretending it's your wife is a really positive act. I'm sure it will have a great influence on his daughter, whom he claims to adore.

If he really cared about anyone but himself, he'd consider how his actions affected others before he flew off the handle like some pathetic child.

Maria Pittsburgh, PA

I think this divorce is the best thing for both of them. I only wish that they did this sooner. Kim didn't need to put up with the crap Eminem gave her.


I am truly a devoted fan of Eminem's, so of course I'm gonna stick up for him, but I really think this whole divorce thing is such a good idea. Marshall does not need all that stress piled up on him. He is such a good person and a wonderful celebrity. He just needs to focus

on his career and then find somebody that will treat him with respect and recognize him for who he is, understanding all the responsibilities of being a rap star. He deserves to be treated like a king!

Jessica Ann Galvan Sterling, CO