Eminem-Everlast Fight Enters Round Four

Eminem has thrown another punch in his ongoing war of words with Everlast, recording a song in which he calls on fans to physically attack the former House of Pain MC.

While adding to previous swipes on Everlast's music, age and heart troubles, Eminem asks fans to "whip his ass" and threatens to kill Everlast himself. The brutal "Quitter," recorded last week with his group D-12, has turned up on radio and Napster.

"Hit him with sticks, bricks, rocks, throw sh-- at him, trip him, spit on him, treat him like a 'ho, bitch slap him," Eminem orders in a rapid-fire flow. "Do it for me, do it for Fred, do it for Limp, do it for rock, do it for rap, do it for Kid, do it for Ice-T, do it just to do it. F--- it — he's a bitch. He ain't gonna hit you back — he's nuthin.' "

"Quitter" is the latest in a series of songs the rappers have aimed at each other, and it follows Everlast's blistering "Whitey's Revenge," which also surfaced on radio and online


Eminem's Interscope spokesperson, Dennis Dennehy, said there are no plans to release "Quitter" commercially. He had no comment on the song's content.

"Quitter" features an ominous backdrop of timpani drums before eventually moving into a funky breakdown. It samples Tupac Shakur's "Hit 'Em Up," in which the late MC bragged that he had sex with rival rapper Notorious B.I.G.'s wife, Faith Evans.

Eminem echoes Everlast's suggestion in "Whitey's Revenge" that they make their battle physical. "F--- you, fat boy, drop the mic, let's fight," Eminem raps in the song.

The chorus, sung in the same melody as that of The Marshall Mathers LP's "Marshall Mathers," includes the lyric: "If you talk about my little girl in a song like that again, I'm gonna kill you."

While working on "Quitter" in a Los Angeles studio, Eminem told MTV News that "the only thing that makes me salty" in "Whitey's Revenge" is Everlast's reference to his


"You better check your kid for DNA," Everlast suggests in the song.

"Battle, fight, you said my little girl's name in a song, and that's enough to make me do things that I can't talk about right now," Eminem said.

He said he had hesitations about releasing the song. "I don't even want to give him any more press. I wish him the best with his career and his heart. ... If I put it out I don't want to be arrested for murder 'cause he'll have another heart attack."

Everlast suffered a heart attack while recording his solo breakthrough, Whitey Ford Sings the Blues (1998), which featured the hit "What It's Like."

Everlast could not be reached for comment at press time because he was traveling from New York to Los Angeles, according to his management office. His Tommy Boy Records publicist had no comment.

The rappers' beef first emerged on record when Everlast appeared on a remix of Dilated Peoples' "Ear Drums Pop." Everlast

rapped, "I'll buck a 380 on ones that act shady/ You know you ain't the one that repped peckerwood status."

Eminem responded with "I Remember," the B-side to the "Sh-- on You" single he released with D-12 in October. Everlast swiped back with "Whitey's Revenge."

Both Eminem and Everlast say the fued stems from when they crossed paths before a concert in early 1999. Eminem says he didn't greet Everlast because he didn't recognize him right away, and said Everlast didn't acknowledge him. Everlast's version is that he tried to congratulate Eminem on his success, and Eminem blew him off.

"It was no disrespect, but then he goes and disses me on an underground record thinking I'm not going to hear it," Eminem said. "I'm like, I'm an MC, and ... I'm not gonna let someone else dis me on a record and not say something back. It's in my blood; it's a competition thing."