MC Lyte Teams With Missy, LL For Return

Veteran female rapper MC Lyte is returning to the ring in a big way, with an eye-popping new video, a new album featuring the production help of Missy Elliott, and some help from L.L. Cool J.

Lyte has already released the first single from her upcoming album, a song called "I Can't Make A Mistake," and has put together a slick, futuristic clip to accompany it.

The track will turn up in stores in August along with the rest of the album, "Seven & Seven," which features the touch of a new production team called the Neptunes, as well as Missy Elliott and L.L. Cool J. The Neptunes handled "Mistake," while L.L. produced a track called "Play Girls Play."

"He had a vision for me on that song, and I appreciate it," Lyte told our counterparts in the MTV Radio Network of her work with Uncle L. "I was in a hotel room, and I got a call from him, and he was like, 'Yeah, ya know it's time, da da da,' you know. I just fell in love with the idea of him being so excited about working

on the project, so we went in and we did that one, and it was fun."

L.L. got so excited that he wound up writing all the song's lyrics except for eight bars that Lyte penned. You can check out the fruits of that collaboration when "Seven & Seven" hits stores on August 18.