Eiffel 65 On Accidental Origins Of Its Name

The next time someone gets your name wrong, you might want to take it as a good sign.

Such is the case for Italian dance act Eiffel 65, which will jump up two notches to number six on Monday's "Billboard" album chart with its debut, "Europop."

Propelled by the trio's hit song, "Blue (Da Ba Dee)," the LP is hovering just under the platinum sales mark, with close to one million copies sold after ten weeks in stores.

The group's unusual name was something of a happy accident, as Eiffel 65's Jeffrey Jey recently related to our compatriots at MTV Europe.

"We have this little program on the computer that helps us choose the name, and that's how 'Eiffel' came out," Jey said. "But the '65' issue is really strange, because no one actually chose the 65 number.

"We went to the producer, 'What happened?'" he continued. "So he started looking for an answer, and what happened was, he was writing a phone number on a piece of paper, and two digits of the phone number ended up on the label copy. That's the piece of paper the graphic artist gets to make the sleeve and all the information on the record.

"He thought we put that on afterward, and he just fused it together with the name. So it became a lucky charm for us." [RealVideo]

Eiffel 65 is currently on a promotional tour of Europe, and the group is tentatively slated to hit the U.S. this spring.