Ice Cube Reflects On Ruthless Anniversary

Ruthless Records, the rap label formed by Eazy-E before he hooked up with N.W.A., marked its tenth anniversary this year, a milestone that surprises even some Ruthless insiders.

"It's a trip man, just thinking about our life over the years," Ice Cube recently told our friends in the MTV Radio Network about the anniversary. "You know, nobody thought that was going to last ten years."

Late rapper Eazy-E formed the label in 1988, but didn't hit paydirt until he teamed with Cube, Dr. Dre, Yella and M.C. Ren in N.W.A., which brought the label its first multiple-platinum selling album with 1989's "Straight Outta Compton."

"To see that it's still there, even after (Eazy-E's) death, his wife kept it up, kept the name alive. I respect that and I'm glad she's around to do that because if not, I think that name would have just like vanished, but thank

god that it's still here. Ruthless Records is history, straight up." [400k Audio]

The label is marking the anniversary with a collection called "Ruthless Records 10th Anniversary: A Decade Of Game," which is in stores now.

Ice Cube has a few irons of his own in the fire as well. The rapper's motion picture directorial debut, "Player's Club," hits theaters this week, and he has also teamed with Mack 10 to re-work the Clash classic "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" for an upcoming Clash tribute album (see "Ice Cube Talks About Taking On The Clash, N.W.A. Reunion"). The album will also feature offerings from Bush, Rancid and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and will be released on Epic Records.