London Pop Star Apologizes For Ecstasy Remarks

Jan. 17 [12:00 EST] -- The lead singer of London's chart -topping East 17 has recanted after his very public endorsement of Ecstasy drew a heated reaction from the public. On an Independent Radio News broadcast, Brian Harvey said that Ecstasy "brings out the better in someone... and really in the long run, it's a safe pill, and it ain't doing you no harm... I don't see the problem."

After a wave of public outcry in response to the remarks (including a denouncement from British Prime Minister John Major), 14 radio stations agreed to remove East 17 from their playlists.

In the face of the outrage, Harvey finally issued a statement retracting his initial comments about the drug. The statement read in part, "Now that I know more about the deadly dangers of Ecstasy, I realize I was completely out of order and am horrified at the thought that anything I said could influence anyone."

Harvey went on to apologize in the release, saying, "Without knowing any facts, I now

realize that I was being very irresponsible and I would like to apologize as I've obviously caused offense... Never take Ecstasy -- it can kill you."