Bob Dylan Continues Treatment: Jakob To Stay On Tour

May 29 [17:00 EDT] -- The notoriously private Bob Dylan is still being treated at an undisclosed location for what his record label said was a "potentially fatal" heart sac inflammation caused by histoplasmosis. The fungal infection is sometimes contracted through breathing in or handling soil contaminated with bird or bat feces, and the most severe form of histoplasmosis kills 90 percent of those infected.

Representatives for Dylan's son Jakob (frontman for the Wallflowers) told MTV News on Thursday that the younger Dylan will keep to his current European tour and not fly to visit his ailing father.

In a statement released late Wednesday, Dylan's record label said that the singer had checked into a hospital after suffering chest pains over the weekend.

A cardiologist contacted by MTV News said that sometimes at least three months of intravenous antibiotic treatment is needed to cure histoplasmosis. Other reports noted that surgery is sometimes required to drain

fluid from the sac surrounding the heart. The legendary folk singer's record label said that while he canceled next month's tour of the U.K. and Switzerland, he still plans to undertake an American tour with Ani DiFranco scheduled to begin in August.