Dylans Don't Do Duo

November 17 [8:35 EDT] -- It was a dream date, a show featuring both Bob and Jakob Dylan on the same stage, but as it turned out, they didn't play together at the same time, and anyway, it was only for a privileged corporate few thousand.

In one of those capitalistic 'private' appearances that embarrass bands, publicists and record companies into trying to bury the fact it ever happened, the Dylans performed in front of somewhere between 7000 and 12,000 employees (estimates vary) of Applied Materials at the San Jose Arena Friday night.

Such shows are notorious for the obscene amounts of money paid the entertainers but with the spokespeople denying all knowledge of the gig itself, needless to say, financial information was also not forthcoming.

The company, although secretive to the press, were more forthcoming-and hospitable-to fans. Word of the show leaked out onto the Dylan newsgroups and mailing lists on Wednesday. A number of Dylan diehards showed up at the

arena, and most were either sold or given tickets by employees. Not only were the prices reasonable, the company, celebrating their 30th anniversary, supplied free refreshments.

Jakob Dylan played for about an hour followed by an 80 minute set from father Bob. The two have never played in public together so far, and that record remains intact. Neither appeared on stage while the other performed.

Applied Materials, a large Silicon Valley company, manufactures equipment to build computer chips. The company also hosted another employee bash in Austin, Texas the same night featuring Stevie Wonder.