A Scholarly Day Of Dylan

Stanford University, which is holding a day-long conference Saturday, January 17 on the legendary singer (see "Dylan Tacks Scholarly Conference On To Grammy Honors" in the MTV News Gallery) has released the list of topics to be discussed during the day. Here it is:

  • Bob Dylan: Not Dark Yet
  • Too Much Educated Rap? Bob Dylan and Academia
  • Only a Pawn in Their Game: Bob Dylan and Politics
  • The Sound of One Dog Barking: Bob Dylan and Religious Experience
  • A Long Way from Hibbing: Bob Dylan's Black Masque
  • The Visionary Road: Rimbaud, Kerouac, Dylan
  • Renaldo & Allen: Allen Ginsberg's Role in "Renaldo & Clara"
  • Performed Literature: The Music of Bob Dylan
  • In the Studio: The Recording Styles and Techniques of Bob Dylan
  • Seeing the Real You at Last: Bob Dylan and His Audience

Dylan will not be in the audience or otherwise in attendance for the


as he's on the road with Van Morrison.