Sean Lennon On Jakob Dylan And Famous Fathers

It goes without saying that when Sean Lennon, the youngest son of rock legend and Beatle John Lennon, releases his solo debut album, "Into the Sun" next week that he'll face a very tough role to live up to.

None of which seems to bother Sean all that much, and in an interview with MTV News, the part-time Cibo Matto bassist compared his position with that of another progeny of a famous musician, Jakob Dylan.

"His dad's the greatest songwriter of all time," Lennon said, "but now kids in high school don't even know. They think of Bob Dylan as Jakob's dad, which is pretty incredible. I think I'm going in a different direction. I'm trying just to establish myself musically and start with a smaller fan base."

"I don't think my album is going to explode like the Wallflowers album did," he continued, "because

that was really like a mainstream album. I think I'd like to wait for the mainstream success until I get a little older and a little more experienced, until I want that."

"For me it's really important to kind of start off slowly." Lennon said. "In fact, the Wallflowers, their first album wasn't the one that hit, so I think that's what made it easier for him too, for Jakob, was that his career built slowly, so I want to do that too" [500k Audio].

As we previously reported (see "Wallflowers Added To Tibetan Concert ..."), both Sean Lennon and the Wallflowers will play at this year's Tibetan Freedom Concert on June 14 at Washington, D.C.

In related news, Jakob and the Wallflowers are scheduled to perform along with Aussie songstress Natalie Imbruglia at this year's MTV Movie Awards, which will air on June 4 at 9 p.m.