Duran Duran Offers New Cassette For A Song

October 9 [10:00 EDT] -- In a bid for sales that's also good news for consumers, the cassette version of Duran Duran's latest effort will turn up in stores at a discounted price.

When "Medazzaland" hits stores next week, the cassette version of the album will be priced at $7.98, the lowest prices for a cassette of a major new release since 1991. Duran Duran's label, Capitol Records, says it's just trying to support the cassette format, which was overtaken by CD's five years ago.

The guys from Duran Duran will mark the arrival of "Medazzaland," and a new Duran tribute album (see "Goldfinger, Less Than Jake, Wesley Willis Revisit Duran Duran" from October 7 in the MTV News Gallery) by playing in the parking lot of Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles on Sunday. The band will be joined at the free concert by various artists who turn up on the tribute album, as well as some