Duran Duran, Capitol Still Working On Deal Despite Reports

Despite reports to the contrary, Duran Duran and Capitol Records tell MTV News they have not severed their 16-year partnership.

According to both parties, the two camps are still working on hammering out a new deal, and it looks like nothing will be resolved for several weeks.

"Billboard Online" sited unnamed sources in reporting that the two had dissolved a partnership that extended back to Duran Duran's major label debut, 1982's "Rio." Since that first effort for Capitol, the band (and its off-shoots Arcadia and the Power Station) has released a dozen albums on the label, with its last Capitol effort coming last year in the form of "Medazzaland."

During its time under the Capitol umbrella, Duran Duran has released the following albums:

  • 1982 - "Rio"
  • 1983 - "Duran Duran" (reissue of band's debut on Harvest Records)
  • 1983 - "Seven and the Ragged Tiger"
  • 1984 - "Arena"
  • 1985 - "So Red The Rose" (Arcadia featuring Duran members Simon LeBon,

    Nick Rhodes, and Roger Taylor)

  • 1985 - "The Power Station" (the Power Station featuring Duran members Andy Taylor and John Taylor)
  • 1986 - "Notorious"
  • 1988 - "Big Thing"
  • 1989 - "Decade"
  • 1990 - "Liberty"
  • 1993 - "Duran Duran (The Wedding Album)"
  • 1995 - "Thank You"
  • 1997 - "Medazzaland"