Tamia On The Joys Of Procrastinating With Jermaine Dupri

As a protégé of legendary producer Quincy Jones, Tamia thought she knew what kind of rigorous work ethic it would take to record her debut album. But the R&B singer found out that a little procrastination can sometimes fuel the creative process, a practice which arose during the recording of "Imagination," Tamia's first single.

"['Imagination'] was almost like one of the last songs I recorded for the album," Tamia said in an interview with the MTV Radio Network, "and for that song, you know, the producer was Jermaine Dupri. And when you work with Jermaine, you party on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then you have like six hours left and then you have to go in the studio and work."

When asked how she survived such an un-timely production schedule, Tamia replied, "It's all about No-Doze and Coca-Cola."

Tamia, who made her recording debut back in 1995 with an appearance on Jones' "Q's Jook Joint," just released her self-titled new album on his Qwest

Records label.