JD Hopes To Re-Team With Jay-Z For New Album

Jay-Z and Jermaine Durpi first hooked up on "Money Ain't a Thing," a track included on JD's solo debut, "Life in 1472." Now there is word that the hip-hop duo might reprise their roles for a longer, album-length project.

In an interview with MTV Radio Network, the Atlanta-based Dupri talked about his hopes to cut more tracks with Jay, possibly heading into a studio together as early as May.

"I think that collaboration that we did together was a nice marriage," JD said, "the voices go together, the attitudes and lifestyle basically match. I know Method Man and Redman doin' an album, [too]. Right now rap is open, so that'll probably be the only other way I do another record, if I can do it like that with Jay."

JD will have a while to work on basic tracks for such an album, as Jay's Hard Knock Life Tour isn't scheduled to come to an end until May 2. The tour, featuring Jay-Z, DMX, Method Man and Redman, will play Albany, New York, on Tuesday night.