Kris Kross Jumps With JD On New LP

Recording duo Kris Kross is expected to release its fourth studio album (its first in four years) sometime in summer 2000.

Jermaine Dupri, who discovered the Atlanta teens in a mall in 1991 and produced the previous three Kris Kross releases, is producing the new LP.

"Billboard" reports that the duo is finishing up the as-yet-untitled album this month at Judgement Records' studio in Philadelphia.

As we reported last November, Kris Kross was the first act to sign with Joe Nicolo's Judgement Records. Nicolo previously headed up Ruffhouse Records, which released the duo's previous three albums (see "Kris Kross First Signing To Ex-Ruffhouse Head's New Label").

Kris Kross are best known for their 1992 hit single "Jump." The song spent eight weeks at number one and helped sell over four million copies of the group's debut, "Totally Krossed Out."

When Kris Kross' Chris "Daddy Mack" Smith and Chris

"Mack Daddy" Kelly recorded "Totally Krossed Out," they were only 13 years old. Jermaine Dupri came up with the gimmick of having the boys wear their clothes backwards, adding more significance to their name.

-- Lola Rephann

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