Dru Hill Charges Island With Intimidation

July 28 [7:55 EDT] -- Intimidation was once the stock and trade of music biz executives, and according to a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Federal Court by the million-selling R&B group Dru Hill, it still is.

Dru Hill seeks to end its contract with Island Records, and wants $55 million in damages, claiming that an Island executive has repeatedly threatened the group and its manager.

The suit goes on to charge that the exec ordered a bodyguard to strike the manager, hit the manager with a pool cue, and punched the group's lawyer.

The band says the ugliness is over Island's seeking to disrupt Dru Hill's five-year-long relationship with its Washington, D.C.-based management firm.

Island calls the group's claims "outrageous and completely untrue," and notes that an Atlanta judge recently dismissed a case brought by Dru Hill Management against the Island exec that contained some of those same charges.