Dru Hill, Ginuwine Borrow From Prince

August 14 [12:00 EDT] -- Fresh from recording a track with Mariah Carey, the million-selling R&B group Dru Hill joined Blackstreet, Method Man, Ginuwine, and Redman in San Francisco for the annual KMEL Summer Jam.

With that Dru Hill/Mariah collaboration popping up next month when Carey's album hits stores, Dru Hill says that fans can also expect to see more of the group in a more up close and personal way.

"Everybody just get ready, because we're coming to your town and we're going to turn it out, just like we did, so everybody just be ready. We're coming for you," [1MB QuickTime] Dru's Woody warned.

True to Woody's word, Dru Hill hits the road with Mary J. Blige, Ginuwine, and Aaliyah, August 27 in Minneapolis.

Dru Hill's track with Mariah Carey, by the way, is a cover of the Prince tune "The Beautiful Ones," from "Purple Rain."

Ginuwine also reached into Prince's treasure chest to pull out a cover of the

artist's hit "When Doves Cry." [1.1MB QuickTime]

"From what I hear, he likes the song," Ginuwine told MTV News. "I know somebody that knows him, and he said they said he said it was all right. So, for all the Prince fans out there, it's all right to like it, because he likes it. I'm just happy I got a chance to express to him and a lot of other people what he's done for music and what he's done for me [1MB QuickTime] in the music, so it's because of him and others that I do what I do, so I'm happy about that."