Montell Jordan To Celebrate New LP With Jay-Z, Ja Rule, Sisqo

R&B vocalist Montell Jordan will host a special party in New York City next week to celebrate his new album "Get It On... Tonite," and he has invited hip-hop peers such as Jay-Z, Ja Rule, and Salt-N-Pepa to help him throw down in style.

The party will be held at the China Club in New York City on November 3, and other high-profile guests expected to appear include Jordan's Def Soul label mates Kelly Price and Sisqo from Dru Hill.

The MTV Radio Network recently sat down with Jordan, who admitted to being surprised (and thankful) with the rate at which he has produced and released albums since his 1995 hit debut, "This Is How We Do It."

"Four albums in five years, man," Jordan said. "That's something to be said in itself, just to be able to say that. I was the 1995 yearbook candidate for

'Least Likely To Come

Back After A Number One Record,' from 'This Is How We Do It,' until three more albums later. Four albums, five years. Here we are again with 'Get It On... Tonite,' and I am just here. I'm blessed and I'm glad to still be here." [RealAudio]

Jordan's "Get It On... Tonite" arrives in stores on November 9.

-- David Basham