Sisqo Wonders What's In A Name As Solo Album Hits Stores

With Dru Hill currently on a brief hiatus, the individual members of the smash R&B group have been busy with solo projects, and Sisqo is the first out of the gates with his solo album, "Unleash The Dragon," which arrived in stores this week.

The other members of Dru Hill, including former singer Woody, are all planning to release their own respective records next year, to be followed by a new Dru Hill album in November (see "Dru Hill Inks Solo Album Deals, Reunites With Will Smith").

According to Sisqo, embarking on a solo career has one strange, but significant perk: fans are finally calling him by his own name. As the singer recently explained to MTV News, he definitely empathizes with Hootie & The Blowfish's Darius "Don't Call Me Hootie" Rucker.

"Man! I'm so happy they're not calling me Dru anymore," Sisqo said. "'Cause Dru Hill

is really four talented guys, and if it wasn't for Jazz, Nokio, and Woody, I wouldn't be the artist I am today."

"And intimate fans, or the core Dru Hill fans, know that Sisqo's not Dru Hill," he added, "so it's kinda like a new message to the rest of the world that, hey, there is more than one member of Dru Hill, and that the blond kid isn't Dru." [RealVideo]

The first single from Sisqo's "Unleash The Dragon" is "Got To Get It," featuring Ja Rule, Beanie Siegel, Makit Hot, and Love-Her.