Sisqo To Shoot "Thong" Video In Miami

While the rest of the world cozies up to their TVs to watch the Super Bowl this weekend, Sisqo will hit the beaches of Miami with L.L. Cool J, Method Man, Redman, and his own cohorts from Dru Hill to shoot the video for "Thong Song."

Sisqo and director Joseph Kahn plan to be on location at South Beach, Miami from January 30 until February 1 to shoot the video for "Thong Song," the second single from Sisqo's solo album, "Unleash The Dragon."

For Sisqo's previous video, "Got To Get It," the singer was able to block off a portion of Hollywood Boulevard and recreate an extravagant Chinese New Year's parade (see "Dru Hill's Sisqo Brings Hollywood To A Halt For New Video").

But for the new clip, Sisqo says he plans to stay close to the song's original gist and will even bus in some lovely ladies to help him "flesh out" the concept.

"The 'Thong Song'... it's going to be

a nationwide phenomenon," Sisqo told the MTV Radio Network. "Actually, we're taking several girls from each state to get on a bus and come down to the video shoot. It's gonna be like Spring Break in the middle of wintertime." [RealAudio]

Sisqo also said that he's gotten nothing but positive feedback from his female fans for the rather suggestive "Thong Song," which he thinks is because of its admittedly lighthearted tone.

"They love it," he said, "because it's not really derogatory. It's kind of a fun song. Like, it's kind of one of those songs that everyone can get into. I was trying to stay away from the whole 'scrubs' or 'bills' thing."

"I mean, I'm not saying those weren't good songs," Sisqo added, "but

I think for the year 2000, I think people should just be getting together, having fun, instead of having this boy versus girl kind of thing." [RealAudio]

Sisqo's "Unleash The Dragon" is currently number 14 on the Billboard Pop Albums Chart and has sold approximately 754,000 copies during its eight weeks in release, according to SoundScan.

He is also currently mapping out plans for an extensive U.S. tour and will likely announce dates for the outing in the next few weeks.