Sisqo On Getting "Enchanted" Help From Elton John

Sisqo's "Thong Song" may be ruling the radio airwaves right now, but the platinum-haired singer doesn't want fans to forget about his group, Dru Hill.

The R&B outfit will be releasing a new album later this year, and in the meantime, hardcore Dru Hill aficionados can hear the band on a new track, "Enchantment Passing Through," featured on Sisqo's new solo record, "Unleash The Dragon."

As Sisqo recently told the MTV Radio Network, the song was a musical gift of sorts from legendary singer-songwriter Elton John, whose composition helped Dru Hill step out of its typical style and experiment with its sound.

"There's one Dru Hill Song on the album that was written by Elton John and produced by Dru Hill," Sisqo said. "[The song is] all live, and we used all live instruments. It's just the band's playing.

"And we switched our style

of singing completely," Sisqo added, "because I didn't want people to put us in this box and think we could only do one specific sound.

"So what we did was, Elton John had given us a song and we just sang it the way we thought it should sound. And it turns out that Elton really loves [our version] too, and it's great." [RealAudio]

In addition to "Enchantment Passing Through," there is also a remix of another Dru Hill song, "You Are Everything" (originally recorded for 1998's "Enter The Dru" LP) included on Sisqo's "Unleash The Dragon."

The next Dru Hill album is tentatively expected to arrive in November 2000, after members Jazz, Nokio, and Woody each release their respective solo albums (see "Dru Hill Inks Solo Album Deals, Reunites With Will Smith").

Sisqo is also mulling plans for a summer tour to support

"Unleash The Dragon," but dates for such an outing have yet to be finalized or announced.