Sisqo Ponders Ballad, Preps "Thong" Remix

Even though Sisqo's "Thong Song" is still on the rise and a remix version is also on the way, the Dru Hill member has very different plans for his next single.

"I'm thinking about going with a ballad, mainly because Dru Hill's career, we're pretty known for the ballads," Sisqo told the MTV Radio Network of the next offering from this "Unleash The Dragon" album. "I think I owe that to the fans, because those two million [who bought 'Unleash'] probably was the two million who bought the last two Dru albums. So I definitely need to give them that ballad sensation, because I gave them 'Got to Get It,' and they really ate that up. That took the album to a million, and now the 'Thong' has taking it to another million, so I think to satisfy the fans I'm probably am going to go with a ballad."

Sisqo's label, Island/Def Jam, notes that the next single from the singer's solo album has yet to be selected. However, a remix of Sisqo's "Thong Song" featuring Foxy Brown is on

the way. The track will appear on the soundtrack to the upcoming "Nutty Professor" sequel and will hit stores on July 11.