Sisqo Surges As Santana Reigns On Chart

You know the drill by now... SoundScan releases sales figures on Wednesday, and we run another story about Santana coming in at number one.

Santana's "Supernatural" sold another 307,000 copies last week to remain atop the "Billboard" album chart for a twelfth straight week. The release is now closing in on the eight million mark after 40 weeks in stores.

With little in the way of new releases hitting the chart, the biggest threat to the number one spot comes courtesy of a boy and his thong. Sisqo's "Unleash The Dragon" (powered by his runaway hit "Thong Song") jumps from number six to number two next week after seeing its one-week sales leap from 141,000 copies to 156,000 copies.

Destiny's Child also seems to be making a move on the top of the chart, as the group's recent lineup change doesn't seem to have slowed its career. The female R&B outfit slides from number ten to number seven next week after inflating its one-week sales from 100,000 copies last week

to 106,000 copies this week.

Goofball rockers The Bloodhound Gang are also on the move as their "Hooray For Boobies" re-enters the top 20, slipping up to number 16 from 22.

The week's notable debuts include Dead Prez's "Let's Get Free" at 73, Sammie's "From The Bottom To The Top" at 86, Joe Satriani's "Engines Of Creation" at 90, the U2-powered "Million Dollar Hotel" soundtrack at 104, Elton John's "Road To El Dorado" soundtrack at 105, Poison's "Crack A Smile... & More" at 131, and Luke's "Freak Fest 2000" at 140.