'NSYNC Sings The Praises Of Sisqo

When 'NSYNC hits the road next week on their highly anticipated "No Strings Attached" tour, the boys plan on giving fans their money's worth right from the opening act.

Aside from planning a well choreographed, pyrotechnic-filled stage show of their own, the 'NSYNC boys chose Sisqo, one of today's most energetic performers, to open the shows. In a recent interview with the MTV Radio Network, 'NSYNC explained why they chose to share a stage with the Dru Hill member gone solo.

"We just think (Sisqo) will be a great compliment to the tour," 'NSYNC member J.C. said. "It's a big tour and we want people to get their money's worth. It's our tour, yeah. But, I mean, you are going to get more than you paid for and that's the goal. We want people walking away from our show amazed."

'NSYNC and Sisqo will start amazing live audiences on May 9 at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi.